Angelo Camacho Group

We're obsessed with making life more enjoyable by way of product design made simple.

Let's build a world of delight together!

John Angelo

Designed at Google and Facebook. Design philosophy centers around invoking emotional attachment that evolves to easy, enjoyable habits

Dennis Camacho

Designed at LinkedIn, SAP & AOL. Passionate about products and how people communicate through messaging, conversational and voice interface design

What We Do

At Angelo Camacho Group, design truly comes first. Companies bring us in for consultations, design critiques, workshops, and lectures to create and revive amazing products that captivate, inspire, and engage from day one.

Design Consulting

We dive into your needs and come up with the solid strategy for building an excellent experience.

Design Critiques

We do an audit and critique of your existing or proposed designs and propose solutions for improving it.


Our on-site workshops (Essentials of Product Design, Measuring Design Performance For Success, Establishing Design Culture) can be custom tailored to help meet your specific mission.

Design Lectures

We give lectures that help inspire and train teams on principles and strategies of product design. Our focus areas are Interaction Design, Product Thinking, Visual Design, and Info Architecture.

Earl Grey & Design - S1: E1
"The New App Store in iOS 11"

In this episode with beginning our series of reviewing the latest updates of iOS 11, starting with the new, feed-centric App Store

Friends Who Design - S1: E8
"Chatting With A New Designer"

Do you remember when you began your design career? Are you started it now? We chat with Gabriella about her launching into design and share experiences about how it went for us

Friends Who Design - S1: E7
"Apple 2017 Releases"

It's release season for Apple so Dennis and John talk about their latest products, early design impressions and how the updates might affect designers

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